...And you, WhatWhat are you doin'?!

The application WhatWhat allows you to simply find out what your friends are doing.

From the home screen, the app shows you the number of people who are currently doing the same as you do. Connect easily to the application with your Google+ or Facebook account.
First reflex, set your WhatWhat because once you set it, you will be able to:

Ideas abound, we want to add future functionalities to the application such as:

"The goal is to get users to communicate in the snapshot set, beyond telling others what you do. WhatWhat is an application with huge potential that can unite and become a daily reflex ..."

To reach that goal, we need to communicate heavily around this concept, to be able to promote the app on social networks, radio, as we begin to do so. (Big thanks if you shared us by the way !)
We have been running adventure on our free time, it's up to you to ensure that it becomes a full-time job ; which will be for us a great personnal and professional reward, and will allow us to polish WhatWhat and realize its potential. And for that we are not against a bit of a roll.

We warmly invite you to download WhatWhat from your favorite store, hoping that this application gives you as much fun to use that we take to build it.

The team


Designer UI/UX